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      Below you'll find the current membership offering for Palmas del Mar Athletic Club (PAC).  For more information please contact us or click on the logo above to go directly to PAC's website.




Palmas Athletic Club (The Club)                                                                       

Membership Offering 






April 1, 2011


Dear Friends and Neighbors of Palmas Del Mar:


Palmas Athletic Club, Inc. (The Club) is pleased to announce the re-opening of the Palmas Del Mar facilities.  As part of our re-opening opportunities, at this time we are extending an exclusive invitation to all Palmas Del Mar Property Owners and former Palmas Del Mar Country Club (PDMCC) members to join The Club.  This Membership Plan will give members and their families access to our unique privileges and amenities including access to our two Golf Courses, the Tennis facilities (the largest in the Caribbean with 14 hard courts, 4 clay courts and 2 Omni courts, gym, the Beach Club (including the Kids Water Park and Lap pool) and to the many social activities offered.  


**Please note that the Palmas Del Mar Club Facilities will be operated by Palmas Athletic Club, Inc.**


A.       Membership Eligibility

The Clubwill offer only a FULL MEMBERSHIP (including Golf, Tennis, and Beach Club). 

Club membership will be available exclusively for the following groups:


  1. Palmas Del Mar Property Owners, offspring of Palmas Del Mar Property Owners who are over 24 years of age and Parents of Palmas Del Mar Property Owners.
  2. Former members of Palmas Del Mar Country Club, whether active or on holdand the offspring of Former members of PDMCC who are over 24 years of age.
  3. Former Corporate memberswill each individually be able acquire a membership and the offspring of said former Corporate members of PDMCC who are over 24 years of age.



B.       Initial Dues Offering




Full Membership (Golf, Tennis and Beach Club)


No Initiation Fees for eligible members.




One year commitment is required


Member must provide a credit card or bank account where dues will be billed monthly at the beginning of the month. The payment of two months in advance and the current month is required at signing of membership agreement; said advanced payment will be applied to the last two months of your membership.  All fees are subject to taxes.


C.        How to Apply for Membership

Persons who desire to apply for a membership in The Club must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Complete and sign the Application for Membership form available at the Palmas Del Mar Club House, and
  2. Pay the amount of the required membership fees at the Palmas Del Mar Clubhouse (as specified in the Application for Membership form). For a quicker service you may visit our website at www.palmaspac.comto fill out the Application for Membership form. Your membership will be active upon the receipt of the dues at the Clubhouse.


For further information, please contact 787-656-3000

We’ll be honored to have you as part of the Palmas Athletic Club and hope to see you around soon!



Palmas Athletic Club (The Club)